Society for Dental Ceramics Guidelines for Use of Computer Resources, Computers, and Computer Networks


These guidelines provide for restrictions in terms of access to and use of computers, EDP systems, computer networks, electronic communication, and other related EDP services for saving and processing data, text, and software owned and maintained by the Society for Dental Ceramics (SDC).


Access to the SDC Computer Services

The computer systems and computer equipment in the possession of the SDC may only be used by:

Colleagues and members of the SDC for recognized teaching and research purposes or for administrative purposes within the Society for Dental Ceramics.

The appropriate application of SDC Computer Services

The Society for Dental Ceramics provides its own computer units, networks, services, and resources, including e-mail and other forms of electronic communication to the authorized user for the purpose of conducting activities related to the Society for Dental Ceramics, and these activities are therefore to be regarded as the property of the Society for Dental Ceramics.

As proprietor of these activities, the SDC has the right, as it sees fit and necessary, to access all information which the colleagues or members have saved, sent, or received with the system, including e-mails. Therefore, the colleagues and members cannot expect individual, personal privacy in the system.

Colleagues and members of the SDC are required to protect the EDP systems from illegal or damaging actions, both unintentional and intentional.

In the following, improper applications/use of computer units, networks, services, and resources are defined:

  • Use of IT resources for purposes other than teaching, research, or in the service of the Society. Computer resources may not be used for commercial purposes or personal gain. Use of the computer services for commercial, political, or unlawful purposes is forbidden;
  • Intentionally or negligently abusive use of computer resources to incur damage, interrupt the system, or harass other persons;
  • Repeated or intentional activities from which it can be reasonably expected that they constitute inappropriate use of computer resources or exceed the originally intended or accepted application;
  • Conferment, renting, falsification, or misuse of a computer account or computer resources, or allowing or facilitating unauthorized access to use of the resources of the Society for Dental Ceramics through a third party;
  • Use of user-IDs and/or the password of other persons to utilize the SDC’s own or affiliated resources, or disguising an identity of another person in the computer resource,
  • Use of electronic media to harass or endanger other persons, or to publish, create, copy, save, or print obscene language or graphics,
  • Submitting or initiating false, misleading, offensive, or deceptive assistance requests, wishes, or complaints,
  • Use of computer resources to acquire or attempt to acquire unauthorized access to computer resources either within or external to the Society for Dental Ceramics,
  • Surveillance, or the attempt thereof, of the communication activities of other persons,
  • Copying, reading, accessing, using, misappropriating, altering, publishing, or destroying computer files, results data, documents, or any other files of other persons, or the attempt to do any of the above, without the permission of the individual, project leader, or authorized administrators.
  • Manufacture, distribution, and/or use of unauthorized duplicates of materials protected by copyright, including software applications, proprietary data and IT resources. This includes the exchange of entertainment files (e.g., music, films, video games) with infringement of the copyright.
  • Violation of the conditions of the software licensing contracts of the software acquired from the SDC, by giving, loaning, selling, or renting such media- or software to other persons for their own purposes,
  • Undermining the operation of the IT resources of the SDC through intentionally caused, reduced, or disrupted resource perfomance, security, operation, and administration regulations, including but not limited to the introduction of computer viruses or similarly disruptive forces into any computer resource whatsoever.
  • Creating, developing, manufacturing, preparing, publishing, distributing, or selling written or graphic obscene materials with a computer, computer system, computer network or other property of the SDC,
  • Intentional, fraudulent, and unauthorized creation of access, or the attempt at such, to a computer, computer system, computer network, or to software, programs, documentation, data, or property in any arbitrary computer, computer system, or computer network is forbidden, as is the procurement of another person’s password, the utilization of SDC-related information or technology resources without the appropriate authorization, or the limitation of another person or IT resource. This includes conferring, renting, falsifying, misusing a computer or computer account, or enabling or facilitating unauthorized access to the use of SDC resources by a third party.

Notification of Infringements of the Computer-use Guidelines

Violations of these guidelines should be reported immediately to the Society for Dental Ceramics. Notification of infringements can also be made by e-mail to: The SDC will attempt to maintain confidentiality as far as it is possible in accord with its other duties.

Disciplinary measures

Violations of these guidelines will lead to the appropriate disciplinary measures, e.g., loss of privileges in computer use, suspension, termination, or exclusion from the Society for Dental Ceramics, and if necessary, further legal steps. Violations of federal or state laws against unauthorized access or use of computers will lead to the corresponding disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal.