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Disclaimer – legal indications

1. Limitation of liability

Contents of this website

The contents of this website are produced with the greatest possible care. However, the Society for Dental Ceramics, hereafter termed “the provider”, does not guarantee that the contents supplied are correct, complete, and current. The website’s contents are utilized at the user’s own risk. Contributions bearing an author’s name reflect the opinion of the respective author and not of the provider.

Availability of the website

Although the provider will make every attempt to keep the service available for calling-up without interruption, failure periods cannot be excluded. The provider reserves the right to change or cancel services offered at any time.

External Links

This website contains external links to third-party websites. Such websites lie within the liability of the respective operator. When linking to the external links for the first time, the provider checked the foreign contents for any violations of the law. At that point in time, no violations of the law were apparent. The provider has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design and contents of the linked websites. Creating external links does not mean that the provider assumes ownership of the contents led to by the link. Without concrete indications of violations of the law, it is unreasonable to expect the provider to constantly monitor the external links. However, should violations of the law come to the knowledge of the provider, such external links will be deleted immediately.


The respective author is responsible for the contents of a given advertisement, as well as for the contents of the advertised website. The representation of the advertisement by the provider does not constitute endorsement.

No contractual agreement

With the use of the provider’s website, no contractual agreement is established between the user and the provider. Thus, no contractual or quasicontractual demands of any kind on the provider can result.

2. Copyright

The contents published on this website fall under the jurisdiction of German copyright law. Prior written authorization of the provider or respective copyright owner must be obtained before any use or application not permitted by German copyright law. This applies particularly to copying/reproducing, editing, translating, storing, processing, and presenting contents in databanks or other electronic media and systems. Contents and rights of third parties are to be marked as such. Unauthorized reproduction or presentation of content excerpts or complete pages is forbidden and punishable by law. Only the making of copies and downloads for personal, private, and noncommercial purposes is allowed.

Links to the provider’s website are always welcome and do not require the permission of the provider. The representation of this website in other (foreign) frames is allowed only by permission of the provider.

3. Data protection

By visiting the provider’s website, information on access (date, time, page examined) can be saved in the server. These data are not person-related, but rather are anonymized, and evaluated for statistical purposes only. These data are not made available to third parties for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. The provider expressly emphasizes that data transfer in the Internet (e.g., e-mail communication) is subject to security gaps and cannot be completely protected from access by third parties.

The use of the contact data in the imprint for commercial advertisement is expressly discouraged, unless the provider gave prior written permission or business relations already exist. The provider and all persons named on this website object to any commercial use and/or disclosure of their data.

4. Applicable Law

Exclusively the governing law of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid.

5. Special conditions of use

Should special conditions for isolated uses of this website deviate from Numbers 1 to 4 (above), express mention will be made of this at the appropriate place. In instances such as this, the special conditions for use apply in each respective individual case.

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