My registration data and password combination don't work anymore

please contact us and we will send you new registration data.

After a failure, can a new placement protocol and corresponding new re-examinations be entered?

No, after a failure no further data can be entered.

I can't get into the program with the data you sent me. Do I have to register again?

We will send you new login data immediately, then it should work.

When entering "patient index" in the placement protocol, do I enter a consecutive number (1 to x) or the practice internal file card number?

Please use your internal patient index number.

I can't find the material I use.

Let us know what material you work with and we will add it to our list. Please use the button "Feedback".

Are partial crowns indicated as inlay or crown?

Partial crowns and onlays are entered as INLAYS, i.e. tick all areas!

I've logged 50 cases in the new mask. Can I take more cases?

An unlimited number of cases can be entered in the new CSA mask.

I have entered the information but I still need to review it before it is finalized. I see there are a few errors.

Just let me know which amendments you want me to make online. It’s no problem. Thanks for your data!

How to get a confirmation for the 4 training points?

Points for 2017 will be awarded in January 2018. By entering at least 30 re-examinations (or 30 placement protocols as a new user) you meet the criteria for the award of further education points according to the guidelines of the German Dental Association 2009. The points will be certified in January of the following year.

How does the new 2012 CSA mask differ from the previous standard mask?

With the new CSA Mask 2012, you can document ALL all-ceramic restorations and ALL different types of restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers) for one patient. In the old mask, only one restoration per patient could be entered. Furthermore, the old mask did not record any anterior teeth.